Betwixt and Between | Louise Powers

Betwixt and Between

by Louise Powers

Betwixt pregnancy and birth.

Mother in between.



Impatient and Nervous

Excited and Scared

Mother and baby not yet separate, but distinct

Together for just a little while more

Baby moves and stretches

Outgrowing mothers all encompassing embrace

Not quite ready to separate

Reaching for the world outside

Stay for a little longer

Safe and treasured

You are All Possibility

In flux



Betwixt and Between

This poem is about the last days and weeks of pregnancy – the time between. While it is intensely emotional and often scary it is also a time to be treasured. The last days when you are still one body and all your dreams may yet be true.

For more about the time between see The Last Days of Pregnancy: A Place of In-Between.

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